Photo by Josh Addison

Some Words

Since I was a little kid, all I can remember is being recorded by my parents on an old VHS camera.  I eventually began to love the idea of documenting things. Plastered upon my childhood room were ripped out pages of National Geographic magazines, Patagonia catalogs, and about every piece of climbing and skiing photography I could get my hands on. As I grew older and began to travel more and more, an appreciation for the planet began to sprout. Soon enough I was photographing the wild places I visited. The realization that I could inspire others to not only explore but also learn about, respect, and protect these wild places through my work was eye opening. I headed to Boulder, Colorado to study environmental studies and journalism at The University of Colorado with the plan to continue to advocate for the wild places with my photography. And to this day I still do and I love every minute of it.

Photo by Josh Addison


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