Patagonia Spring 2019 Catalog

This spring I had the awesome opportunity to be published in the Spring ‘19 Patagonia Catalog. Along with a team of my roommates Grant Perdue & Jack Plantz, and my girlfriend Natalie Garza, we were able to create a unique image during the wildfire season. Below is the image that was used in the catalog & a second photo of one my biggest fans (thanks Dad). I’ll post some of the other photos from our morning running in the hills.


The morning began with a 2:30am departure from Boulder, Colorado to head to the trailhead of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. With weary eyes and tired bodies, the crew lay awake while Grant explained how stoked he was for the upcoming morning.


We ran the mellow switchbacks up to Chasm Lake and finally broke tree-line as the sun rose in the distance. The atmosphere was something we had been expecting as wildfire smoke had been clogging the skies for the past month in Colorado. As the sunrise continued, we were greeted with a very ethereal view.


Coming up to Chasm is always awesome. Seriously never a disappointment. The alpine glow of the Diamond is something quite special.


Then Natalie & Grant decided they wanted a photo for their new rap album.


Overall such a great day in the mountains with some of my best friends. On top of that I was able to achieve a longtime goal of getting a photo of mine in such an iconic catalog.


Arc'teryx Backcountry Skiing Academy 2019

Once again Arc’teryx blew it out of the water with another awesome Backcountry Academy in Jackson, WY. I headed up early February to shoot the event. Tons of snow and tons of photos, a perfect blend. Put in a lot of days on the skis working with athletes, guides, and clinic participants. Here’s some photos from the event.

Life Accomplishment

Since I was probably around 13 or 14 years old, I’ve been quite interested in alternative living. From small mountain cabins to shipping container homes, I bet I’ve read the majority of the literature on the subject. Within those lines, I was always curious of the modern nomadic climber van. My goal during my final year of high-school was to move out to Colorado and climb, ski and take photos full time. To do this, I thought the most effective way was to get a van and build it with some character. And thats what I did four years later during my senior year of college in Colorado. I spent the past fall (2018) from late August to late November turning an empty cargo van into a little home. It seems to be the standard of the outdoor industry but it was an awesomely unique experience. I didn’t want to post anything until I was fully finished but I don’t think it’ll ever be fully finished. So here’s a single photo to represent my stoke!


Real Rock: An Urban Climbing Experience

This summer I had the opportunity to take part in producing/filming a short film with a crew of good friends. The film is Real Rock: An Urban Climbing Experience which is Drew Herder and Josh Weinstein’s three year project. Real Rock is a film based around the sport of buildering which was pioneered by the Urban Ape, Timmy O’Neill. The story follows Drew & Josh’s experience putting up FA’s in Boulder, Denver, and Tucson while they continue the legacy of Timmy. Though it has a humorous vibe throughout the film, some of the solo’s are rad & pretty serious.

The film is premiering on October 6th at the Adventure Film Festival here in Boulder, Colorado. Be sure to follow this link to grab tickets to not only this film, but the other rad ones that’ll be shown throughout the weekend.