Clearing The Blog Air

I’ve probably gone through at least four different iterations of this blog/journal since creating my site a few years ago. Theres a pattern within it as well. Routinely I claim that “from here on out I’ll be posting more consistently” in an all glorified post where I’ve regained some lost inspiration. Two posts follow at MAX. Then they stop. And begin again about three months later. It’s a cycle that I acknowledge and accept yet haven’t had the motivation to curb.

Until now.


I’m coming off of a month in Europe that was filled with mountain running and climbing. I’ll be posting a bit more on that in it’s own piece. While abroad I regained some of that lost inspiration from reading the blogs of some people I look up to. I’ve also came to the realization that I seriously enjoy long ramblings of personal words found in blogs. For me, the longer the better (there’s a joke there). Counter to the trend of short form media, I still believe that the obscure and typically pointless blog posts that you find in the depths of supertopo (RIP) and mountain project forums are worth something to a small group of people. So yeah, expect more long posts with photos from my experiences. I hope that people will find interest in the posts (or not, I’m trying not to care about that stuff as much) despite my lacking ability to consistently climb 5.12, run a 5 minute mile, and not get scared of my own emotions.