Devil's Lake State Park - First Trip

This past saturday, a few of my friends and myself took a small weekend trip to Devil's Lake State Park up in Wisconsin. The goal was to get some bouldering in for the first time this season and basically just have a good time in the woods. However it was cold, like really cold. You'd think that if you would be camping in the cold, you'd bring a sleeping bag right? Wrong. One of my buddies happened to bring a tent and a few articles of clothing but no sleeping bag, and it dropped down to about 15 degrees. To say the least, he woke up and slept for the next three hours as we drove home.

Anyways, going back to the climbing, we found a decent problem after setting up camp and hiking for awhile. Worked on that one boulder for the rest of the sunlight. While we were climbing, I was able to snag a few photos of the climb and how you effectively walk down a field of boulders with a crash pad.