A Weekend at Shelf Road

Spent this past weekend at Shelf Road outside of Canon City, Colorado and it was absolutely insane. The canyon and landscape was quite beautiful and the climbing was even better. Nothing like some good ol' sharp as hell limestone. While climbing was the main objective of the group, mine veered off a bit, more towards the photography side of things. The plan was to finally begin to learn the process of jugging up fixed lines and top ropes to be able to photograph climbers (friends) from interesting angles.

For the most part it was a success, however I still need to really hone in my jugging skills, gear management, and anchor building. To say the least, I'd get to my position ( VERY slowly) after jugging up a line and take a good five minutes to get my gear all sorted out and begin shooting. I figure I can reduce that time to around 20-30 seconds, while still putting safety as the main priority. Currently pretty psyched for the future possibilities that will come from jugging and shooting.

In case anybody is interested, the gear and system I used for jugging is as follows: Petzl left-hand ascender, SMC crevasse pulley, Petzl grigri 2, webbing tied for a footloop, and about three screw locking carabiners. I'll make a post in the future regarding the setup and jugging methods for photography, I just feel as if I need to practice quite a bit more before I go on teaching anything.

Otherwise, here are some photos from our little excursion to Shelf Road.