IFSC Bouldering World Cup Vail

I started getting into climbing on a trip to Colorado during my sophomore year of high school. A few of my friends and I were planning on hitting the downhill mountain biking course in Breckenridge, however it just continued to rain throughout the day. Instead of hanging around inside, we opted for climbing at the local rec center. Needless to say I became hooked pretty quickly, building my own bouldering wall back at home when we returned from our trip.

Ever since high school I've been watching the IFSC sport, speed, and bouldering world cups via the internet. Something about them just got me psyched. Maybe it was the competitive nature of the events, the fascination of the athletes, or even my desire to be like them. Regardless, I never missed watching any of them.

When I received my media pass to shoot the event, I almost couldn't believe it. While I had been watching the athletes compete, I was watched the photographers as well. Constantly eyeing up the walls and angles from which interesting photographs could be taken. Actually shooting the event was an entirely different story. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to (hopefully) shoot a few more of these world cups in the future.