Adventure Photography

Film production; a new experience

I’ve always enjoyed making movies, in fact I was pretty kick-ass at creating stop motion Lego movies but I had no idea what it was like to actually be in a film production.

It all started when my buddy Tommy Garrett approached me with the offer to help him via photography on his movie. He wanted to film and produce a short documentary/film, Renegade, depicting the drive and passion one can get from being involved in something they love. Thus Tommy chose a local skater, Miles Bostic, to focus the film on. This probably should be the point where I add the plug for Tommy’s filming company, Bolder Productions. You can find more about his gig on his site Anyways the filming process from my standpoint as the photographer was pretty interesting. A lot of lingo I didn’t understand and lot more techniques I’d never seen performed in real life. Overall it was a pretty rad experience and I’m beyond stoked with the shots I got for the social media aspect of promoting the film. Through all hectic, borderline crazy things that happened, the footage turned out to be insane and to say the least, I cannot wait till Renegade gets released.

Thank you to all of those involved, can't wait for the release on June 12th.